Tenor Ukuleles

Tenors are bigger than concert sized ukuleles. Many guitar players, myself included, prefer playing a tenor because the neck and fret spacing feels more natural to someone whose muscle memory is attuned to a guitar neck. These use slightly heavier strings than would be used on a concert or soprano uke. Depending on the sound and feel a player wants, these can be set up with four nylon strings or alternatively with nylon 1st, 2nd, and 4th strings (which would be G, C, A, in a standard C tuning), plus a metal wound third string which, unlike a guitar, is the lowest pitched string on a ukulele.

For players who want an even more guitar-like sound and feel these can be set up in a low-G tuning, which uses a metal wound 4th (G) string that is tuned an octave lower than in a “normal” ukulele tuning. This gives the player a bass string right where a guitar player’s thumb would expect to find it.

Click the images below for links to descriptions and pictures of these tenor ukuleles.