Ukulele 101


Here are links to two booklets I wrote to accompany  an introductory and intermediate two-hour ukulele workshops.  The goal of the Ukulele 101 workshop is for a roomful of people, many or most of whom may have no prior experience playing an instrument, to leave two hours later able to play three and even four-chord songs on a ukulele in the Key of C.

This is the easiest key to learn on a ukulele in standard C tuning. This is because you can play the easiest version of a C chord with just one finger on one string. Then you can play an F with only two fingers. Then there’s the G, which takes 3 fingers (which is like a D chord to any guitar player, by the way).

Ukulele 102 builds on the basics learned in Ukulele 102. This workshop is built around learning some basic 12-bar and 8-bar blues chord progressions and also introduces minor keys. Because many musicians know these familiar chord progressions, it becomes pretty easy for musicians who have just met to jam together when someone says “Blues in A” (or in some other key). The 102 workshop also explains how to transpose from one musical key to another and also how to use “closed” chord shapes that will greatly expand your ability to play in many keys and add variety to your playing style.

Take at look at the “Links” page on this site also. I’ve got a large and growing section of ukulele links there as well as links to online lyric and chord sites, etc.

Click the image below to download the booklet in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

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Ukulele 101          Ukulele 102